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How CAREpath works with your physicians

You may wonder why you need the services of CAREpath and how working with CAREpath might affect your relationship with the doctors who are treating you. It is important to know that we will only contact your doctors with your permission. If you agree, your family doctor can become an important member of your medical team.
By ensuring that all test results and records are forwarded to his or her attention, your doctor will be continuously informed of your progress, and made aware of any problems that you might encounter. Should there be a need for additional testing, or consideration of another specialist or treating location, your family doctor can be of great assistance by providing a referral.

Similarly, CAREpath is sometimes aware of clinical trials and eligibility requirements and might make the recommendation that you participate. This recommendation would be made to your family physician who could help facilitate your participation.  CAREpath can become your doctor’s resource for helping you.

You may be happy with your current medical care and be afraid that you might upset your doctors by pursuing other specialists for input.  We have found that many physicians appreciate the help that their patients receive from us.  They find that the information and support we provide helps significantly in a system which limits their ability to spend the time they would like with each of their patients.  They appreciate the understanding that our clients bring to their appointments.  In an independent survey conducted by an insurance company, our clients were asked the question: “….did their treating doctors have a positive outlook on the service provided by  CAREpath?” The answer was uniformly yes, and the average rating was 4.9 out of 5, (5 is the highest possible score)

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