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Welcome to CAREpath™

CAREpath™ provides support to those diagnosed with cancer. CAREpath delivers a knowledgeable advice, information and support program. We help individuals to understand their diagnosis, provide information on tests and results and advise and recommend possible treatment options. We guide our clients to the right treatment, at the right time and at the right place. Our team provides the support to reduce the physical and emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis. The CAREpath team follows the most up-to-date guidelines for cancer treatment and care, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our nurses will provide support and advice from diagnosis until treatment is complete. We develop an action plan for healthy living and guidelines designed to minimize the risk of a cancer recurrence or development of other disease.

The CAREpath services complement the public health care system. None of the services provided by CAREpath are covered by provincial health care plans. We work in close collaboration with family doctors and specialists to ensure everything possible is being done to help you and that everyone involved fully understands our recommendations. 

A Canadian-owned and operated healthcare company, CAREpath was founded by leading Canadian oncologists who have devoted their entire medical careers to cancer care. With their unsurpassed expertise, the CAREpath founders designed programs to provide an unprecedented level of guidance and support for all Canadians. Currently CAREpath covers 650,000 lives. (See more about CAREpath on the site)

Why are CAREpath services needed?