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Why call CAREpath™?

We all know someone touched by cancer.  There is help for anyone touched by cancer.

A cancer diagnosis means uncertainty, questions, anxiety and fear. We can help reduce the impact of your diagnosis. Welcome to CAREpath – your cancer assistance program. Even if you are receiving excellent care already, your CAREpath nurse will be there to help ensure continuity of that care, every step of the way.

CAREpath is a privately owned company providing service administered independent of OTIP and your employer. CAREpath is included in your OTIP benefits, at no cost to you.

All you have to do is call 1-800-290-5106

I already have a great doctor…

You may be receiving excellent care and you may be concerned that your doctor could be offended if you seek other medical advice. Canadian doctors have been very happy with our assistance and have been glad to partner with us to help their patients get better sooner.  Based on independent surveys, 98% of our clients stated that their treating doctors had a positive outlook on the services provided by CAREpath

Will my doctor be offended?

CAREpath provides services that enhance the care you are currently getting. We do not replace the doctor/patient relationship you have with your doctor. We help prepare you for your oncology visits making it easier to discuss treatment issues and communicate with your specialist. We provide expert oncology information to your family doctor that will help with your cancer investigation, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation. Sometimes a family doctor is ‘left out of the loop’ as a cancer patient goes through treatment, but CAREpath ensures that the information is continually forwarded to the family doctor. At the end of treatment a summary of all treatment and side effects is provided. In addition, a plan for life style management is presented to reduce the risk of cancer reoccurrence or development of another disease. 
We are here to help your doctors help you.
If you are still unsure please let us send your doctor this letter explaining our role (See letter sample)

If your doctors have any questions or would like to speak with us, please have them call our direct line at 1-866-599-2720.

Is CAREpath considered to be two-tier medicine?

No. CAREpath services are offered to you as part of your benefits plan. Two tier medicine means that you can access faster care by paying a physician. . CAREpath is a cancer assistance program and is a benefit much like prescription drug insurance. In this case, it is a service benefit provided by OTIP. CAREpath nurses navigate clients through our public health care system, but there is no queue jumping.

What about confidentiality?

You may be concerned about confidentiality. CAREpath does not communicate your medical information to OTIP, your union, or your place of employment without your consent.  A written release of medical information is signed by you so that we can obtain your oncology records.

If you, your spouse or dependent child has recently been diagnosed with cancer, call CAREpath now at 1-800-290-5106.