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CAREpath’s Survivor Support Plan

A cancer diagnosis requires the right information and guidance for successful survivorship. Cancer survivors are at an elevated risk of developing a recurrence of their original cancer or a different cancer. Survivors are also prone to developing other chronic conditions as well as late complications from cancer treatments. Survivors may find themselves personally changed in ways which may cause ongoing physical and emotional concerns. The Survivor Support Plan is specifically designed to help survivors learn to live in their new reality.

Survivor Support – How it works

Initial Assessment

The client’s personal CAREpath oncology nurse reviews the initial course of cancer treatment to determine the possibility of delayed side effects. An interview is conducted to assess general physical and emotional health status in order to identify specific issues.

Risk Assessment

Clients complete a comprehensive Risk Assessment Questionnaire (electronic).Responses are entered into a continuously updated data base.  Results indicate the risk for developing a recurrence of the original cancer, another cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis. Emotional health is also assessed, since depression is a common by product of cancer treatment.

Survivorship Plan

The nurse will explain the results of the questionnaire and will offer advice on implementing the recommendations. The nurse will also offer information on the delayed side effects from previous cancer treatment and provide guidance regarding personal issues likely to be encountered as a survivor.

Up-to-date scientifically accurate educational materials are provided that address lifestyle issues relating to prevention of cancer and chronic disease. Depending on the need of the patient, a session with rehabilitation specialists, (dieticians, physical therapists etc.) may be arranged and resources are provided regarding psychological or social concerns.