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CAREpath Cancer Information Line

CAREpath has introduced a new service for all eligible OTIP and Teachers Life members; the CAREpath Cancer Information Line. You can help secure cancer information for extended family members, colleagues and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The CAREpath Cancer Information Line provides basic information on a variety of cancer related topics as well as direction to appropriate web sites that will supply more specific information. For questions of a general nature, web site addresses will be suggested. If the concerns are related to a specific cancer, more detailed information will be offered. The CAREpath medical team has reviewed all information. Information will be delivered by phone, with summary information sheets sent by email (or regular post with a charge, if needed).

The CAREpath Cancer Information Line is available exclusively for eligible members seeking information on behalf of non-members - i.e. extended family or friends. Should members call seeking cancer related help for themselves or their nuclear family they will be transferred to a CAREpath nurse for more personalized assistance. 

Tel: 1-800-290-5106
Hours of operation are: Mon-Fri from 8:00-21:00 EST