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Why are CAREpath services needed?

More than 40% of Canadians will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. The likelihood of developing cancer increases significantly each year for both men and women after fifty. By the age of sixty, there is a 15% chance of being diagnosed with cancer by the time an individual turns 70 and up to 35% chance by the time they turn eighty.

The increasing number of cancer cases will seriously overburden our public health care system. This impact is compounded by the escalating costs of medicine, hospitalization and time away from work. Most government funding is directed to complex acute cancer care such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and blockbuster drugs. While our government recognizes the importance of comprehensive guidance for cancer patients, it simply cannot afford to implement the individual case management services provided by CAREpath.

CAREpath ensures that you receive the proper communication and coordination of care that you need for the best possible outcome. Our expert Canadian team understands the intricacies of the health care system and will help you get the right answers and the best possible treatment available.

CAREpath clients provide the best understanding of the difference our services make:

“You’re a bank of information. It is very comforting”

“It is really terrific to have someone clarify the information…it can be overwhelming”

“It is so great to have someone at the end of the line to talk to”

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